mardi 17 avril 2012

Happy 1st week, my blog! :-)

Aujourd'hui, mon blog a tout juste une semaine...
Merci de passer et de me laisser un petit mot, vous rendez l'aventure plus belle encore!

Today, my blogs just turned one week...
Thank you so much to read me and leave a little comment... It means a lot to me!

11 commentaires:

  1. Ok :) I´ll try to explain you. In the lateral of my blog, I have a little box that says "Aderir a este site" (that means Follow this site). You click here and confirm.
    Another way is copying my URL and paste it on your initial panel but I thinks the first way is easyer :)
    Concerning to follow you, I just did it :)

  2. coucou !! je le découvre et j'adore le principe que je n'avais jamais vu jusqu'ici ! belle idée =)

  3. Yey :) Thank you! It´s useful because now blogger will let you know when I make another post. Everyone you follow, blogger will show you the new posts so you can visit the blogs. It will apear in your inicial page. I hope you understand :))

    1. Ok, I follow you now, thank you for the explanations ;-)

  4. Super ton blog !!!! Et merci pour ton commentaire.
    J'aime beaucoup la photo du jour :)

  5. Merci pour tes commentaires :D
    J'adore les noeuds aussi, c'trop mignon ! ♥

  6. Joyeuse première semaine alors, haha! :)